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At The Point Of A Knife

By Kenneth Richard Fox

At the Point of a Knife is a real life thriller about a doctor who invents life-saving laser technology, his wife’s destructive inheritance and the legal conspiracy to steal his successful hi-tech  start-up.


Dr. Kenneth Fox fends off predatory companies as he fights a global battle for his company's rights. But, he ignores the threats to his family.  By day, he has a successful career. By night, he lives with an increasingly mentally ill spouse. Although she is physically abusive to him and their son, Fox is emotionally co-dependent. At the same time, Fox is caring for his dying mother and chronically ill father.  

There is an attempted murder. After an explosive family meltdown, Fox learns of his wife's secret fortune including several homes. He also discovers the true story about her dead father, a hereditary bipolar disorder and the scandal that drove her family from her childhood home.


In a final twist of fate, manic depression, money and judicial corruption intersect. Fox’s company is wrested away in a plot that includes a crooked lawyer and a corrupt judge who owes his career to his former partner in crime.   


Dr. Kenneth Fox is a physician and surgeon, an inventor of patented medical laser technology and a medicine and business professor.  


At The Point of a Knife by Kenneth Richard Fox

ISBN: 9780578502199

Published May 2019

210 pages (paperback) Also available on Kindle

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